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Innoventually operates in the field of Innovation management, monetization and planning.

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Among the various services we offer, we focus on the management of Open Innovation Challenges and Needs with the ultimate goal of helping our clients to find innovative solutions through our Solvers.

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Innoventually in a nutshell

“Our company is the only one in the market, which, thanks to its Partners, embraces all the steps of the Innovation pathway”
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  • IP Protection

    Cantaluppi & Partners
  • IP Intelligence

  • IP Marketing and Communication

    Hot tomato marketing
  • IP Valuation

    Foresight Valuation Group
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Open Innovation Platform. Introducing the Open Innovation marketplace


We provide the assistance and tools so that universities, research labs, companies or individuals can monetize their intellectual property


We deliver ad-hoc training to Companies, Universities or Research Labs on Open Innovation and Knowledge transfer
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“ Open Innovation enhances the solution of problems relating to R&D. ”

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“ Thanks to Open Innovation, shorter time and lower costs of research. ”

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“ Open Innovation is a win-win-win solution. ”

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“ Any company that believes and invests in innovation never makes a mistake… ”

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“ All leading companies are moving towards the Open Innovation model, because they understand that the vertically integrated “closed” model has limits in terms of costs and time-to-market. ”

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“ Innovation is synonym of competitive advantage. ”

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“ …costs of Open Innovation put all sorts of companies in the position to innovate and stay competitive facing just a fair risk! ”

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“ Open Innovation allows widening the company’s know-how and enhancing differentiation in the market… ”

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