Disruptive FT-IR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) technologies


We are actively seeking companies, products and/or technologies that can improve upon current FT-IR solutions. Our client is an already active player in the spectroscopy field and is interested in building partnerships to enable a reduced-cost FT-IR product offering for customers not currently benefiting from this high performance technology.


FT-IR, or Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, is a chemical analysis technique used to obtain absorption/emission infrared spectrums of solids, liquids and gases.
An FT-IR spectrometer is able to simultaneously collect high spectral resolution data over a wide spectral range – providing both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a wide possibility of samples (both organic and inorganic).

Traditionally, FT-IR solutions have tended to be both expensive and complex, but our client believes that FT-IR software is now more robust and that cost could be significantly reduced due to enabling technologies. This would open several new markets where FT-IR could potentially be used in an industrial environment.

The challenge

The benchmark characteristics our client is looking for are:

  • Spectral resolution: less than 2 cm^-1 (ideally 0.5 cm^-1)
  • Spectral range: Near-IR and Mid-IR
  • Industrial design and immune to vibration
  • BOM cost for the interferometer of less than $10,000.

Ideally, any potential partners would have a commercially available product (or close to commercialization) and/or significant expertise in this area. Manufacturing or component technologies that could help achieve the performance above, at a lower cost than current product solutions, would also be of interest.

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